Specialist dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It covers
the treatment and management of a wide range of long-term illness, such as
diabetes and respiratory problems but also short term health problems such as
skin conditions. Commonly treated condition include:

1. Cardio- respiratory and other cardiological conditions.
2. Dermatological condition
3. Diabetes
4. Neurological condition
5. Rheumatologic condition
6. Muskulo-skeletal condition
7. Endocrine disorders
We also provide surgical care and following Procedures are available at our
1. Appendectomy
2. Hernia ( Herniotomy, Hernioplasty)
3. Hydrocelectomy
4. Vasectomy
5. Other Minor surgical procedures( incision and drainage, excision etc)
We also provide counseling regarding

  • Public Health
  • Immunization
  • Mental health
  • STI and geriatric
    We provide 24 hour emergency service for the needful as well.