The constitution of Nepal 2015 has granted health related rights as a fundamental right to every citizen of Nepal. The United Nations as well as the international community has exerted their maximum efforts and resources for national health programs. However, there still exists an ample room for improvements to ensure proper health services and facilities to our community.
Accessibility, affordability and quality health services delivery for all is still a great challenge in Nepal. In this backdrop Matri Shishu Miteri Hospital is striving to fulfill the gap and is committed to render the much needed health services to all its beneficiaries including the most vulnerable;women, children, senior citizens, poor and all those in need.

The recent COVID-19 crisis has clearly indicated that the present health services system and infrastructure needs to be restructured, improved to cope with such epidemics and abnormal
situations. In continuation of our efforts to engage with public, keep updated about  our services and receive feedback to keep on improving and to serving at our level best this website is expected to serve as an interface. We are optimistic to keep on receiving your warm cooperation in ensuring best health services to our community.

The hospital is heading to be a specialized health service delivery center to render competent
care to women and new borne. We shall continue to get better. I would like to recall the
contribution of previous committees, Nepal government, Gandaki Province Government,
Ministry of Health and local bodies who have contributed from their side to bring the hospital to this level today. I also owe a profuse thanks to the entire hospital management and medical team who have untiringly catered their time, expertise and dedication for the best comprehensive services under one roof. Let us continue our efforts to realize the dream that we aspire for; healthy mother, healthy child and healthy Nepali citizens.
Thank you all once again.

Yours sincerely,
Usha Baruwal